Weight Loss Resource Guide

Have you scoffed at Hollywood types who seem to lose weight so easily? If you had a personal trainer, a personal chef, and a dietitian working for you, it would all be so easy, right? Of course, weight loss is never easy — it takes daily effort and willpower. But modern technology does offer some help. These gadgets, widgets and gizmos act as your personal staff of assistants, tracking your daily activity and managing your calorie counts so you can spend more time enjoying life. 

Wearable Fitness Trackers Are Hot for 2015

Wristbands that track your activities, heart rate and even the quality of your sleep cycles are the hottest thing in fitness right now. The Fitbit Charge HR ($99) is a great all-around device. Continuous heart rate monitoring lets the Fitbit HR offer super accurate calorie-burning tallies. The Fitbit Surge ($250) can track all sorts of cardio workouts, and display everything from workout stats to incoming phone calls. Jawbone’s Up Move ($50) is a good entry-level choice, offering a staggering array of tracking options. The Misfit Flash is another $50 option that can also track laps for swimmers.

Calorie Tracking Websites and Apps

The best fitness websites let you easily track your calorie intake and activities, and offer apps that turn your phone into a fitness concierge. Myfitnesspal.com, one of the most popular sites, has an “add recipe” feature that lets you cut and paste ingredients from your favorite recipe site to record calories, carbs, and other stats. Print out your food diary to share the data with your trainer. The site is simple to use and offers apps for Android and iPhone.

Weight Watchers is on Top of the Trends

Think Weight Watchers is old news? Think again! The 50-year-old program excels at converting complicated science into an easy-to-follow program that’s flexible and powerful. Weight Watchers’ accountability and group support is now available online, and the program continues to incorporate the latest research. Today you can even get mobile apps for your iPhone or Android device.

Earn Rewards With Every Move

EveryMove is a free app that awards points for the activities you’re already tracking with apps like MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Nike, and others. Those points can be redeemed for rewards from EveryMove’s fitness-industry businesses partners, or donated to charities like the Make A Wish Foundation. The app is available for iPhone and Android, and a Windows phone version is on the way.

Apps and gadgets can’t lose weight for you, but they can certainly help you keep track of the work you’re doing, and track progress toward your goals. Let technology turn your phone and laptop into your fitness support staff.