Three Methods for Increasing Desired Behaviors

1.  Catching the good behavior when it occurs naturally and reinforcing it.

Your child learns best when reinforcement is:

  • Immediate
  • Natural to the situation
  • Frequent
  • Predictable

2.  Teaching the good behavior by setting up situations when it can occur.

Your child learns best when:

  • Expectations are concrete, small
  • Rewards are predictable and consistent
  • He/she always succeeds
  • He/she practices performing the behavior well
  • He/she practices the behavior with as many people, in as many places, as possible

3.  Anticipating and preparing for "high-risk" situations.

"High-risk" situations are those that are likely to present a behavioral challenge to your child.  Examples of high-risk situations are those that involve transitions, change, and unstructured time.  You can increase the likelihood that good behavior will occur in these situations by creating a predictable structure for your child.

Predictability is established through:

Advance preparation

Visual schedules

Positive routines