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For the purposes of this test, self-monitoring is a personality trait referring to the ability to regulate our behavior to accommodate the social situations we find ourselves in. People who self-monitor pay attention to the reaction of those around them when speaking or interacting. They are highly aware of social cues and situations. Do you have the potential to self-monitor? You'll take a look at whether you are spontaneous or if you are more calculated. Do you take a step back before speaking or are you naturally more impulsive than that?

You'll notice in this Self-Control and Self-Monitoring Test two different types of questions -- those that ask you to put yourself into a situation and honestly react (scenarios) and those that ask you to indicate how much a statement does or does not relate to your life (self-assessment). Both are intended to generate a Snapshot Report that will evaluate your score on the self-monitoring scale, ultimately giving you the power to begin to exert more self-control in your life if needed. You will receive an introduction, a graph and an interpretation of a test score as a part of that Snapshot Report and be able to purchase a more comprehensive version if you choose.

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47 Questions | 20 Minutes