Now that Lady Gaga is Engaged, Here's How she and Taylor Kinney Can Make Love Last

In a romantic Valentine's Day gesture, Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga, and the pop superstar agreed to become his wife. She confirmed the engagement on Instagram, writing, "He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!" Along with the blurb, she proudly posted a photo of her impressive heart-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, has dated Kinney for the past four years. She told Howard Stern in December that "He is the right guy. I have that feeling. I just know it."

The two may have true love in their corner, but it takes a little more than that to make marriage work for the long term, and that's especially true for celebrities. The San Diego Divorce Center says that up to 78 percent of celebrity marriages end in divorce, which is significantly higher than the overall 50 percent rate for the general public. Gaga and Kinney have already had four years of practice, and they need to keep it up if they want to defy the odds.

A healthy marriage doesn't mean that you never disagree. It's all about knowing how to navigate the tough times effectively. This article has some tips on fair fighting that can help the happy celeb couple, as well as just about anyone else. Its advice includes:

Getting things out in the open: If you stockpile your grievances in an effort to avoid fights, they're bound to come out later. You're better off just dealing with disagreements as they come up rather than storing them and turning them into a powder keg that will get sparked into a huge explosion someday. Celebrities are used to portraying a certain persona for the public, but Gaga and Kinney will have to be real with each other.

Don't focus on blame: If you waste all your time trying to figure out who's at fault, it takes that much longer to handle the issue itself. Lady Gaga and Kinney live in the public eye, so this is even more crucial. If either one slips up and tosses any blame within earshot of Hollywood gossips, it will be all over the tabloids.

Listen to each other: Both partners need a chance to speak uninterrupted during fights. Each person should restate what the other said before speaking his or her piece. That way, you know if your partner understood you and have a chance to clarify, if needed. Given their professions, it's likely that Lady Gaga and her spouse to be have big egos and strong opinions, so they'll need to set those aside for effective communication.

Choose the right time for the fight: Celebrities like Kinney and Lady Gaga live in the spotlight and have demanding shooting and concert schedules, but even if you're not a star, you likely still have plenty of responsibilities, and your spouse does too. Don't sit down to discuss important matters when you're both stressed out from work, dealing with the kids, or anything else that might have your patience at a low.

Not sure if you and your partner know how to fight fair? This quiz will help you find any weak spots and teach you how to strengthen them so you can disagree in a healthy way.