Take The Steps To Maintain A Healthy Mood


How do you get in a healthy mindset and stay there? Get up and get active, is what researchers say. If you want to be healthy for both the present and future you, start exercising. Your heart and your brain will thank you for it. Dr. Bradford Dickerson, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, has determined that there is a link between memory and physical activity. Here’s what you should do to reduce your risk of dementia and maintain a happy, healthy life balance.

Get active

The first thing any doctor will tell you if you ask about being healthy and happy, is to get off the couch and start exercising. Exercise is not only good for our bodies, but it’s good for our brains, too. “The best evidence [to reduce your risk of dementia] so far is for aerobic exercise and physical fitness,” notes Dickerson. Just 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day can help yo increase your memory and reasoning abilities. The health benefits of an active lifestyle are endless. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, physical activity helps people who have already been diagnosed with dementia as well. You’ll breathe better, sleep better, look better, even dress better and remember better. Whether it’s pulling weeds from the garden, taking a walk around the block, or joining a gym to take swim and aerobics classes, physical activity is the best thing you can do for you and your body.

Make friends

Social interaction is key in life, no matter what age you are. Plenty of research shows that the more active your social life, the happier, more engaged you are, and the lower your risk of a variety of diseases and disorders. Having friends and family close by makes you happier, and knowing that you can call on them should something come up provides great peace of mind. If you’re struggling to meet people, try volunteering at a homeless shelter, visit a museum and join a tour to discuss art, join a group class at the gym, or take a class at your local community center. There are endless possibilities to put yourself out there.

Work your brain

Ever feel that sense of accomplishment after completing a crossword puzzle or relish working through a difficult Sudoku puzzle? That’s a good sign. While there is no conclusive evidence that states that these brain-games help to keep you on your toes mentally, there is certainly no harm in flexing your brain muscles through fun puzzles and problems. Stimulate the brain with new things – learn a language, travel the world, pick up knitting, or simply read a book. 

Change your diet

Another piece of advice Dickerson gives in keeping yourself happy and mentally capable is to eat a Mediterranean diet. Studies have found that this staple diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes is especially beneficial to your health. Eat the right foods and you can prevent not only dementia, but also heart disease and diabetes. Keep meat, sugar and saturated fats to a minimum and drink alcohol sparingly. All those healthy antioxidants will help to protect and strengthen those brain cells, keeping you healthy in brain and body.