How To Control Your Eating Urges


Few of us need any encouragement to nourish our bodies with food. Unfortunately, our appetites are not always reliable guides when it comes to the kind, or amount, of food we ought to be consuming in order to enjoy good health. It is for this reason that it is absolutely essential that you understand what kinds of habits determine what you want to consume, and modify these habits accordingly if they are driving you to eat unhealthily.  

Hormones And Hunger  

Scientists have determined that the hormone grehlin triggers hunger, whereas letin reduces it. Whether or not you are hungry is intimately related to the activity, presence, or absence, of these hormones. All sorts of variables affect the levels of these hormones, including timing of meals, food you tend to eat, emotion and time of day. Abnormalities in these hormones can trigger either excessive hunger, resulting in the possibility of weight gain, or anorexia, resulting in inadequate intake of nutrition.  

Feeling Full  

Research has demonstrated that feeling full predictably shuts off our appetite and hunger. In order to ensure that your nutrition intake leaves you feeling satisfied, avoid skipping meals or choosing liquids over solids. It is also important to consume foods that are high-volume but low-calorie, such as vegetables and fruits. Next, be sure that you consume whole gain products rather than refined grain. These habits will ensure that you will be left feeling full, ensuring that you will not eat out of sheer hunger even though it might be completely unnecessary.  

Mindfulness Of Munchies  

If you are not eating for one of the above mentioned reasons, it is likely that you are eating unwisely. Lacking healthy consumption habits can leave you hungry for an excessive amount of food. That said, ensure that your eating is carefully conducted and your food is carefully chosen. This is particularly important in today’s society, which is experiencing a historically unprecedented obesity epidemic. This is perhaps unsurprising, as we are surrounded by an unprecedented glut of food; much of it utterly lacking in nutrients but rich in calories. In such an environment, more diligence in maintaining healthy eating habits is required than ever to avoid serious health problems, such as obesity or diabetes.