The Best Depression Blogs Online


When depression is taking its toll on you, you may feel all alone in the world. Bookmark these depression blogs as a reminder that others have walked in your shoes. You’ll find help, hope, encouragement and understanding in their articles.


Bill White, founder of Chipur, writes on depression from a double perspective. Not only has he personally experienced years life with anxiety, depression and alcoholism, but he also works as a licensed mental health professional. The wealth of articles featured on Chipur are intended as support, guidance and reassurance for people dealing with mental health issues, and they cover topics like managing depression with medication and other help, succeeding at the daily grind of life and understanding the science behind mood disorders. White generally adds two or three new articles each month, which keeps the content fresh without being overwhelming.

A Splintered Mind

Douglas Cootey, author of a Splintered Mind, deals not only with depression, but also with ADHD and tics. He posts frequently in a personal style that invites readers into an honest glimpse at his life. He’s open about family struggles, a broken marriage and financial rough patches, while also encouraging readers to keep going, even when the weight of life feels crushing. He’s learned that laughing at himself is often the best medicine for his troubles, and as you read his posts, you’ll be laughing along with him.

Postpartum Progress

This blog, run by the non-profit group of the same name, is for not only those dealing with postpartum depression, but also for those with other maternal mental health issues, including postpartum OCD, post-adoption depression and depression after miscarriage. Postpartum Progress reminds women that there is hope for a future beyond the depression or other mental health concerns they are currently experiencing. Resources on the site include blog articles, educational pages, online forums and contact information for support groups.

Storied Mind

Through his blog, John Folk-Williams intends for people with depression to help others with depression. Folk-Williams’ expertise comes not from professional training, but from his own personal experience with mental health struggles. His hope is that readers will connect with one another to suggest resources and offer support. In addition to his own blog posts, another section of the site is dedicated to the personal stories of readers who have come out on the other side of depression.

Dr. Deb

Author and psychoanalyst Dr. Deborah Serani writes her blog from the perspective of a mental health professional. Although this blog is an excellent resource for learning more about depression through the lens of a professional’s expertise, Serani encourages visitors to read her blog as a supplement to therapy, rather than in place of it. She writes about depression, trauma, treatment and mental health advocacy, among other topics.