Have You Missed Your Calling?

Having potential can be a positive for anyone, but not reaching it can make you feel unfulfilled and even depressed. Finding work that you love to do is one key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

Some professionals spend the early years of their careers dedicated to hard work, earning many promotions and prestigious titles, but that may not be enough to attain career satisfaction. True satisfaction comes from finding work that you find fulfilling and that ignites your passion. Regardless of your age and where you are in your career, you can find your true calling and achieve the rewarding career that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Loving Your Job Makes Work Less Daunting

Many people end up in careers that are unsatisfying for a variety of reasons. Whether you chose a major in college that no longer meets your interests, chose a career path based on financial reasons or simply haven’t learned what your path is yet, it is important to find a position that motivates you.

According to an article published in Forbes magazine titled, “The Secret Advantage is Loving Your Job,” having a job that fulfills you not only makes work easier, but it may also give you a competitive advantage. “Loving your job is not just an added bonus to success, but actually an important precursor. If you enjoy what you do, working at it is easier, and your motivation to improve is somewhat innate, rather than forced…. Success is driven by effort and process, and this process will come much easier if you enjoy it. The bumps in the road will seem less daunting, and the high points will be more appreciated.”

Keep Your Skills in Mind

One key to finding your calling is to be mindful of your personal skills. An article on 80000hours.org, a career counseling organization, outlines the benefits of using your skills to choose your career path. “You are more likely to be satisfied doing a job that you’re good at. This includes both jobs that match your level of skills and knowledge and jobs in which you can use your signature strengths. Signature strengths are character strengths that you feel authentic to you, and that you frequently exercise.” Knowing your key strengths and seeking out a career in which you can use them frequently will likely lead you to a career in which you are satisfied and fulfilled. Take an inventory of the tasks in your current job at which you excel, and make a list. Use them to determine other paths in which they may be useful. 

Loving Your Job Will Benefit You In Many Ways

Along with feeling more satisfied in your career, having a fulfilling career also benefits your physical and psychological health.”5 Reasons Loving Your Job Helps You Live Longer” examines ways in which having a job you love (as well as one that you dislike) can affect your health. “…if the number of days where you feel bored, frustrated, anxious, and stressed outnumber the good, then you’re not only unhappy at work, but, according to a number of studies, you are putting your health at risk.” Later, the article states, “Stress is the No. 1 proxy killer disease today–and is the biggest side effect of doing work that isn’t a reflection of your strengths or is not providing you joy.” 

Finding a career that utilizes your skills and helps your daily outlook and your emotional and mental health. Start finding your calling by utilizing WebPsychology’s Strength Finder resources. Once you’ve found your strengths and identified your interests, you can start looking for a career path that will leave you feeling fulfilled.