5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Air Travel Less Stressful

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of great joy and fellowship with family and friends. Unfortunately, it can also be a period of great stress. This is particularly the case for those who are traveling during the holidays. Fortunately, certain basic steps can be taken in order to minimize the mental wear and tear.  

Early Airport Arrival  

As with many time-sensitive events, a great deal of people tend to wait until the last minute. According to airport officials, this is a big mistake; they insist that early arrival is one of the most important means of avoiding stress during the holidays. Few things are more likely to put a damper on the holiday spirit than charging through the airport in an attempt to board your flight before it leaves you behind. That said, set out early for your destination; you never know what kinds of unexpected delays you might encounter on the road en route to the airport. 

Check Your Flight Status Beforehand

Just as it is possible to arrive at the airport too late, it is also possible to arrive too early. This can happen if your flight is experiencing significant delays. On the other hand, this is probably better than arriving too late and missing the flight altogether, especially at an airport such as Edmonton International, where local musicians and children’s choirs can make the wait more pleasant. Children will also have an opportunity to see Santa in “Santa’s Storyland.” The holiday optimist would therefore do well to turn this inconvenience into an opportunity to lighten up and have some fun; an essential means of handling holiday stress.  

Ditch The Metal

Make sure you are not wearing anything that would set off a metal detector. People have only gotten edgier when it comes to airport safety during the past several years, and the last Christmas “gift” you need is to be considered a potential security risk by armed guards. Prepare beforehand and make sure you leave any metal gadgets or gear behind or packed in your luggage.

Leave Christmas Wrapping For Later

Speaking of safety scares, security may decide to inspect your gifts for potential danger. Wrapping them beforehand therefore carries the risk of having them unceremoniously unwrapped by guards. This means that the time and tape it took to wrap the gifts will have been wasted. Furthermore, free gift-wrapping can be provided following the security check, so you will not necessarily have to engage in a mad-dash post-flight gift-wrapping after you leave the plane. 

Make Sure You Don’t Have Forbidden Items

Once again, airport security is a priority for anxious travelers. Make sure you have left behind items that are not allowed on the plane. Fortunately, Transport Canada has a list of such forbidden items, so there is no need to play the guessing game when considering what to leave behind.