Getaways from Stress: 5 Non-traditional Holiday Vacation Ideas

Life can sometimes get too stressful and all you want to do is escape. Rather than facing the usual pressure of the holiday season, it is possible to take a relaxing vacation instead, and save yourself all the work, commitments, costs and conflicts that the holiday season can bring. Say “no” to making the traditional holiday meal and instead opt for an all-inclusive resort where the food is prepared for you, not by you. Enjoy accommodations anywhere in the world, build happy memories and survive the holiday season without the additional effort.

Your Own European Vacation

Take your very own vacation in the UK, home of Charles Dickens and “The Christmas Carol.” Stay at a lovely secluded three-bedroom cottage like the Swyn y Mor, nestled on the Pembrokeshire coast, just a short walk from the beach in Aberiddy. A Christmas tree and decorations can be provided upon request, as can a full Christmas menu and hamper of goodies. This is just one of many options in the British Isles or elsewhere, inviting you to travel by train throughout the countryside or find accommodations at any number of lodgings. Lounging in the sun and sand or in front of a fireplace watching the snow – it’s all up to you.

Old-fashioned Christmas

Experience an old-fashioned Christmas in the Colorado Rockies at McGregor Mountain Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado. Take a trek into the high country to choose the right Christmas tree at a 160-acre tree farm. The lodge will give you the saw, snowshoes (if needed), the tree stand, transportation and Christmas lights, and staff will even help you set it up. Bring or make your own ornaments and even string popcorn and cranberry garland, if you like. After you cut your own fresh “Rocky Mountain High” Christmas tree, journey “home” to enjoy cocoa/cider and fresh baked goodies. During your stay, you can also rent snowshoes, sleds, ice skates to enjoy the pristine outdoors, and you will have a daily supply of firewood to keep you nice and toasty. 

Holiday Magic at the Magic Kingdom

Disney World is a place where you can once again become a child, if even for just a brief moment. The holidays are, admittedly, the most expensive time to hit this Orlando attraction, but you don’t have to have kids to enjoy the atmosphere and have more relaxed fun. From the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Holidays Around the World to a Candlelight Processional and so much more, it’s a feast for all the senses. Free yourself from all your commitments at home or work and enjoy the freedom of experiencing this magical place as through a child’s eyes. 

Sail Away

Something totally non-traditional – a wish come true for many – is taking a holiday cruise. Depending on where you want to go, you can find everything from affordable trips to Mexico, Alaska or New England to more opulent excursions to Europe or the Caribbean. This may be just the thing to use your gift budget to celebrate in an entirely new way and build holiday memories for the future. Taking to the water can be the breath of fresh air that you need to get your mind off all your stresses. Luxuriate in the all-inclusive services of the ship and explore ports of call along the way.

Getaway Close to Home

You don’t have to spend a fortune on plane tickets and pricey resorts to enjoy a truly relaxing holiday getaway. Hop in the car and drive a few hours in any direction to free yourself from the stresses and worries of home and everyday life. Is there a hot springs a half day’s drive away you’ve dying to check out? Or maybe there’s an attraction, luxury spa or amazing lodge you’ve been itching to visit. Whether you’re driving toward the city lights to post up in a downtown hotel to catch a play and enjoy some fabulous cuisine or you’re heading to the countryside for cozy, fireside quiet time, as long as you’re enjoying yourself and relaxing, you can consider it a successful holiday getaway.