5 Great Things about Being Single During the Holidays

Holiday media is lean on images of single folks enjoying the season. Movies, ads, and TV shows are filled with couples peering in store windows together, or snuggling on the couch with coffee mugs while happy children open gifts under the tree. But single people have holidays, too. In fact, singles are free to indulge themselves in lavishly selfish ways, and manage to sidestep some of the relationship unpleasantness that can arise during the holidays. Let’s have a look at some of the secret advantages of singledom at this special time of year. 

No In-Laws

Has there ever been such a complicated pleasure as spending time with family? Judgmental aunts, embarrassing uncles, sibling rivalry that never ended, political disagreements, different approaches to disciplining kids — no matter how much you love your family, there are bound to be moments when your teeth are gritted hard behind your smile. When you’re single, at least you only have to navigate the familiar territory of your own family’s weirdness. Count your blessings as you buy only one set of gifts, schedule just one Thanksgiving dinner, and listen to only one set of parents telling you what you should do with your life. 

No Gift-Buying Pressure

A lot of casual relationships break up before the holidays. The prospect of facing someone else’s family is probably a huge factor — an invitation to someone’s Thanksgiving madness is often just the litmus test you need to realize that you’re  not that into him after all. But the prospect of choosing the perfect gift for your beloved can also be paralyzing. You feel like you’re expected to pour everything you feel and everything you know about your beloved into one perfect item from the mall that will not only meet every expectation, but surpass them all. Even if you had an unlimited budget, it would be an impossible task. If you’re single, you are free from the potential catastrophe of giving a blender or a weed whacker to someone who thought they’d been blatantly angling for a weekend in Cancun.

Buy Your Own Presents

That freedom not only saves you from potentially spending the holiday season in the dog house — it also saves you a lot of cash. Cash you can use to make your own holiday wishes come true. If you really enjoy playing games, drop a few hints to yourself first. Leave the Sears catalog open to the weed whacker page. Sigh into your popcorn when commercials for Cancun interrupt your favorite show. Complain loudly to your cats about the blender not working right. Or skip all that and just get whatever you want, with the money you would have spent to disappoint your partner.

Create Your Own Traditions

If you’re newly single, you may feel like there is an absence around the holidays, a lack of structure that would have come from fulfilling your partner’s holiday traditions along with your own. But what feels like an absence is really the sensation of absolute freedom; you can create whatever holiday traditions you want, without limit. Would you like to have an open house cocktail party for your neighbors? Invite your single friends for a potluck Thanksgiving? Serve in a soup kitchen on Christmas morning? Drive around looking at Christmas light displays and singing carols badly at the top of your lungs? Take the kids on a road trip for the holiday and skip the family routines altogether? You can create whatever new traditions you want, without anyone’s approval or agreement. Go wild. 

Get To Know You

Not needing anyone’s approval or agreement is the best part of being single, because it’s how you really get to know yourself. If you’re used to bouncing ideas off someone else, you may find yourself feeling a little stuck at first. Sit down with a journal and write about what the holiday season means to you, what is important, what traditions you never really cared for, and what memories you’d like to have when it’s all done. Think about the people who matter to you and how you can connect with them deeply.

You are in complete control of your solo holiday season, and you can custom-craft it to suit you. This is a great place to begin getting to know who you really are.