Weight Loss Begins With The Mind

Weight loss is difficult no matter how you try to do it, but one person thinks he has the answer. You’ve tried all the diet programs, been to the gym a thousand times, and even tried those weight loss pills, but still nothing seems to stick. Perhaps you’re thinking about it all wrong. Change your attitude about food and you can change your attitude about everything else — and that leads to feeling better and looking better.

Know that “hunger always wins”

If you follow the teaching of Dr. Steve Hirsch, you’ll understand that hunger is something every single person has at different points of the day. Many people try to suppress that hunger either by completely ignoring it or by taking medications or other potentially harmful actions that may stop you from eating, but won’t necessarily stop you from gaining weight. Hirsch says to give in to your hunger. When you feel you need a snack, satisfy yourself with a snack. It’s all about what, why and how you eat.  

Practice body mindfulness 

The author of Health First: Winning at Weight Loss and Wellness, Hirsch teaches about body mindfulness and insists that budgeting food and planning for three full meals a day plus four snacks will keep you on task and maintaining a healthy weight in no time. His Health First method has been tested and proven with many patients, and his book is easy to understand, receiving great reviews.

Think about how you think about food

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is all in how you think about food. If you’re bored and plopped in front of the television, you’ll automatically reach for the potato chips without thinking. If you’re hungry – truly hungry – then take a few seconds to stop and think, instead of putting your hand in the bag of chips, reach for the bag of grapes in the refrigerator.

Plan ahead

If you know you’ll be running out the door in the morning to an early meeting, set a breakfast bar and an apple on the countertop for you to grab on the go. Instead of simply picking up a bagel smothered in cream cheese from the bakery next door, or worse, eating nothing, be prepared for those busy moments. Know what you’re eating and why you’re eating it. Regular exercise helps, too, Hirsch says. If you want a healthy body image, it takes some hard work to keep in shape.

Change your mindset

The Health First system is not a diet. Instead, Hirsch promotes it more as a way of living that involves consistent preparation and mindfulness about what you’re eating. Be aware of what’s going into your body. Everyone knows that certain foods are bad for us, namely soft drinks, fast food, processed sugars and candy. And certain foods are important in a healthy diet, namely fruits and vegetables. Simply being aware that your body requires more of the good foods than the bad foods is a step in the right direction to maintaining your weight. So, start exercising more and eating smart, and you’ll be losing pounds in no time!