10 Great Calorie Counting Apps to Try

When you’re trying to lose weight, you might just look for any excuse to avoid watching what you eat. If you carry a smart phone or tablet, you’ve pretty much run out of reasons to avoid paying attention to your diet. These 10 apps let you easily count calories and offer a plethora of other features, like exercise tracking, meal planning, and community support:

BMI Calculator

What good is counting calories if you don’t have the full picture? BMI Calculator lets you run a variety of statistics, like your Body Mass Index, Waist-to-Height Ratio, Body Fat Percentage and Calorie Consumption (BMR + PAL). Combined with your age and gender, those numbers let you calculate your ideal weight, so you have a healthy, realistic goal.

Diet Assistant

Diet Assistant is a helpful app because it’s multi-faceted. It gives you a choice of diet plans and also allows you to customize them. To make things ever easier, you can automatically generate a shopping list to take to the grocery store for your chosen plan. That nicely eliminates the excuse of “but I don’t have the right ingredients in the house.” Don’t worry, you’re not locked into eating what the app tells you. You also have a meal customization option. You can log in your weight and keep notes as you move toward your goals while the app gives you motivation. It’s free to try, and you can make in-app purchases.

Weight Loss Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal isn’t just an app to count calories. It’s a complete community where you’ll find supportive people to help you through your weight loss journey. Track your calories with the comprehensive food database and monitor calories burned by tracking your exercise. MyFitnessPal works automatically with many wearable fitness devices, like Fitbit, to make things even easier. Need a dose of motivation? Pop onto the forums to chat with fellow dieters.

Lose It!

The name of the Lose It! app says it all. When you install it, you get a complete weight loss system right on your phone or tablet. Not only does it help you track your calories, but it also links you up with a virtual community of fellow dieters to lend support and motivation. It integrates with many wearable exercise trackers and even gives you the capability to scan bar codes for the simplest possible method of food tracking. There’s a free, basic version, or you can pay for the more fully featured upgrade.

Weight Watchers Mobile

You’re likely familiar with the Weight Watchers brand. Not only does it refer to a weight loss plan, but also to products that range from frozen meals to exercise aids. Weight Watchers also has an app for members of its online program to easily track calorie consumption and exercise. Its bar code scanning feature automates much of the tracking, and if you use the iPad version, you have access to tasty recipes and articles on healthy eating.

Diet Point Weight Loss

Don’t want to limit yourself when choosing a diet plan? The Diet Point app gives you access to more than 130 individual plans so you’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle. Each plan has its own shopping list to make your grocery runs easy, and you also get meal reminders that prompt you on when and what to eat. It’s like a personal coach on your mobile device.

Noom Weight Coach

The Noom Weight Coach app is all about guiding and encouraging you, just as a personal coach would do. Food logging is easy with the comprehensive database, but equally important is the daily guidance that’s tailored specifically to you. The app tells you exactly what you need to do in terms of food and exercise and encourages you to stay on track if you falter.

Calorie Counter PRO by MyNet Diary

Calorie Counter Pro
 is a moderately priced app that covers every part of a healthy weight loss plan. All you do is enter your target weight to get your own balance nutrition plan. Then use the app to track your food consumption and exercise, and touch base with others via the supportive forums. If you’re working in-person with a coach or dietitian, you can easily share your data with them. There’s a free trial period so you can thoroughly try out the app before buying it.


Fooducate aims to help you track your food and to educate you on a healthy diet rather than just counting calories. Tracking is easy, with manual entry or scanning, and the app grades your choices, from A to D, based on things like their ingredients and the degree of processing. Not only do you lose weight, but you get yourself in the habit of making the healthiest possible choices.


If you love to eat at restaurants and still want to lose weight, HealthyOut is the app for you. The app covers restaurants in over 500 cities and lets you decide what to order based on your specific diet. Not sure where you want to eat? Use its search capability to find a suitable restaurant nearby.