Fitness App Spotlight: JEFIT, My Fitness Pal and Moves

You hold the key to workout success in the palm of your hand. In both the iTunes and Google Play store, you'll find phone apps that will help you build muscle, watch your calorie intake and count your steps.

JEFIT Workout (iOSAndroid)

  • Effectiveness: With over 1,300 weight training exercises in its database, plus helpful animation and videos, JEFIT is especially useful for people looking to do strength training. Users can track their strength and cardio workouts.
  • Reliability: JEFIT is regularly updated to add new features and fix bugs, but some users do complain about log-in issues, crashes and other issues.
  • Cross-Environment Compatibility: Users can access JEFIT through both the iOS and Android app, as well through the website. In order to switch between formats, users will need to create an account on
  • Cost: The basic version is free, but the ad-free one is $4.99. In-app purchases are available, including a one-year subscription to JEFIT Elite.
  • Social Networks/Community: Announce your current stats on your JEFIT profile. Add friends, so you can keep one another motivated to reach the next fitness level.
  • Sharing workouts with friends can be done only from the website and not from the app.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal (iOSAndroid)

  • Effectiveness: My Fitness Pal's app helps you stay healthy through both diet and exercise. The app has a database of over 5 million foods, so you can keep a record of your caloric intake. There is also a database of over 350 exercises, and by entering your personal information, the app will provide you a personalized diet and exercise regimen. The developers claim that 88% of users lose weight by using the app to track their fitness behavior for at least seven days
  • Reliability: Users have generally positive reviews for this app. It works well on most devices, and the comprehensive food database has most anything you might be searching for.
  • Cross-Environment Compatibility: My Fitness Pal is available not only as an iOS and Android app, but also through the website. Plus, your account can be integrated with Fitbit and other fitness apps and devices.
  • With iPhone 5S and up, there is a built-in step counter functionality.
  • Cost: This app is free and does not include in-app purchasing.
  • Social Networks/Community: The My Fitness Pal community includes online message boards and the ability to track your friends' progress.

Moves (iOSAndroid)

  • Effectiveness: Moves provides a record of where you've been and how many steps you've taken. It keeps track of walking, running and cycling, so you have a record of your everyday fitness and can aim for a goal of 10,000 steps per day.
  • Reliability: Moves looks great, but many users complain about inaccurate step counting. If accuracy is a must for you, a stand-alone pedometer might be a better bet than this app.
  • Moves also runs in the background all day. Although the app was designed with battery conservation in mind, you will probably notice an increase in battery drain throughout the day.
  • Cross-Environment Compatibility: Moves is available for both iOS and Android. A lineup of over 40 connected apps with which data can be shared opens up a myriad of opportunities for increased functionality and compatibility across iOS, Android and web-based apps.
  • The iPhone version of the app includes a extra features, such as battery-saving mode and the ability to manually add additional fitness activities to your log.
  • Moves does not work with the Samsung Note II.
  • Cost: Moves is free.
  • Social Networks/Community: Moves does not include a social component on its own, but does allow for data integration with connected apps.


Tools for Transformation

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