Fatal Metro-North Crash Shows Lives Can Change in a Split Second

Six people died when a Metro-North commuter train hit an SUV that was stopped on the tracks on Feb. 4. The collision caused a fiery explosion in which the SUV driver was killed instantly, along with two passengers and three people aboard the train, according to Newsday.

Show Your Love

This sudden, unexpected tragedy underscores the importance of letting loved ones know we care. This can be as simple as saying, "I love you" whenever someone leaves the house or you end a phone conversation. It also shows the importance of not allowing fights and grudges to drag out. The family and friends of the six people who died had no idea they'd never see their loved ones again. 

Of course, you can't prevent unexpected loss, so it's important to handle the hurt and pain in a productive way. When you lose someone through a sudden tragedy, you go through the five-stage grieving process on the journey to recovery. The process is a little different for everyone. You may not go through the stages in order, and they last a different length of time for everyone. Honor your feelings and take the time necessary to allow yourself to grieve and work through the process at your own pace.

Reach Out for Help

You might have trouble handling the grief on your own, especially if your loss is due to a sudden tragedy and you don't even know the exact cause. Investigators are still trying to figure out why the SUV was stopped on the railroad tracks in the Metro-North crash, and they might never get an exact answer. If you need help, reach out to an online or in-person support group. GriefShare.org allows you to search for meetings in your area, and sites like GriefNet.org and DailyStrength.org have online forums where you can get support for others in similar situations.

If you'd like professional assistance, find a therapist who's experienced in helping people work through grief.