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S adly, suicide is a final and irreversible solution to an individual’s life’s difficulties, real or perceived. It occurs when someone intentionally takes his or her own life. The National Institute of Mental Health considers suicide a public health concern, with approximately 38,000 people dying each year from suicide. This means that someone dies of suicide approximately every 13 minutes. It is one of the top three leading causes of death for individuals ages 15-24. Amazingly, more people die from suicide than homicide each year. The good news is that it is preventable.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very real condition that affects countless individuals on a daily basis. While veterans are the most likely to suffer after experiencing or witnessing the horrors and trauma of war, any terrifying event can trigger this mental health condition. This can include rape, bombings, plane crashes, personal attacks, accidents or other traumatic stimuli. As a result, the nightmares and anxiety can severely impact relationships as the person suffering from the condition is consumed with thoughts and memories of the event and is unable to share their feelings with their loved ones. This leads to feeling of helplessness and guilt on the part of the loved one who just wants their partner to once more be the person they once were.
While the term "PTSD" typically conjures up images of soldiers coming back from war, the disorder actually affects an estimated 77 million Americans. Many people experiencing symptoms may not even realize that they have it, because symptoms can start unexpectedly. PTSD can cause panic attacks and other debilitating symptoms that are scary and disruptive. Once someone knows that they are experiencing PTSD, treatment is necessary in order to return to life as normal.
Despite its prevalence, depression still carries a stigma. When not treated, some people afflicted with this all-too-common disorder are completely crippled by it. Others, desperate to hold on, attempt to mask their symptoms and feelings, both from themselves and others. Depression, however, is...