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Although stress is not considered a diagnosable mental illness, it impacts all of us. It can be related to mental disorders and how an individual perceives the people and situations around them. For example, an individual with a phobia or anxiety disorder may interpret normal situations as more...

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For many of us, feeling stressed out is so common that it feels like our natural state of being. Whether stress is an ever-present companion, or merely an occasional guest, the toll it takes on overall health and mental state is high. The best way to reduce stress, of course, is to eliminate its root causes, but this is often, easier said than done. A highly effective, health-restoring alternative that anyone can benefit from is stress management. Of course, the more stressed out you feel, the harder it may be for you to relax, but mastering relaxation techniques can help. Many of these can be done anywhere, including at home.
Life is filled with day-to-day stressors we can all relate to, from traffic jams to demanding bosses. As if that wasn’t enough, every now and then we may get a curveball out of left field, escalating anxiety and creating an extreme sense of overwhelm. It can come in the form of dreaded news about our own health or the death of a loved one, disappointment about an opportunity we were counting on, or a million other, devastating scenarios. Here are some ideas for combating overwhelming stress.