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When you are a celebrity, it is obvious that you are constantly in the public eye. You get discussed, judged, found wanting no matter your Oscars, Emmy's, achievements or popularity. Just like anyone else, these human beings often find themselves slowly gaining weight. Whether you are coming off a strenuous television or movie role, have just had a child or fight a constant battle with the number on a scale, there are really just a few surefire ways to lose pounds and keep them off. It takes hard work, dedication, a certain amount of stubbornness and stick-to-itism to get rid of the extra baggage and rediscover yourself when you look in the mirror.
To successfully implement positive changes in your life, it is crucial to maintain accountability. By holding yourself accountable, you are more likely to confront your excuses. Many people who are trying unsuccessfully to eat well, exercise and lose weight have a laundry list of excuses as to why they aren't achieving success. Here is how you can put an end to those excuses and achieve success.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could decide to diet and wake up the next day thin? If only! Turning a diet into a successful lifestyle takes work (bummer!), but is super attainable if you create a personalized, daily action plan you can stick to and enjoy. Morphing powerful, proactive behaviors, like counting calories, eating well and exercising into lifelong habits, able to support long-term, healthy weight management can be done by anyone. The only way to start is to start.