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Weight Management

Weight Loss Management

Weight loss management is an increasingly important issue in today’s society, since recent research indicates that “obesity is a serious health concern. During 2009­–2010, more than one-third of adults, or about 78 million people, qualified as obese, and nearly one of five...

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With an estimated 35% of American adults still qualifying as obese, many employers have begun taking action to help reduce these numbers. Employers bear financial costs of obesity in terms of health premiums and costs associated with employees who may miss work due to obesity related complications, among others. Now, many employers are offering programs and incentives to help their employees
When you were a kid, you probably eschewed the school cafeteria’s “mystery meat” as just too scary an unknown to chow down on. Fast forwarding to now, as a responsible adult, you’re still avoiding stuff with ingredients you can’t pronounce and unknown whatevers. You may even take a daily diet supplement, to make sure you’re getting enough of the good stuff and of course, assume those pills, bars and shakes are everything the manufacturer says they are. That’s pretty reasonable and you should be able to do so without thinking twice. But do you really know what’s in that package? Or how much say the government has about it’s contents?