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A recent study conducted by researchers at Stanford University's School of Medicine, and published in the Journal Biological Psychiatry, suggests that children who struggle with anxiety have unusually large amygdalae. This part of the brain is responsible for several intense emotions, including fear. Indeed, scientists refer to this part of the brain as the "fear center."
Most of us gripe and grumble about the demands of our jobs, looking forward to the day when we’ll trade the rigors of the daily grind for the sweet bliss of retirement. While none of us may wane nostalgic about the arduous commutes and cranky co-workers who used to pepper our days, it’s the little things about our former life we may find ourselves missing, like the comfort of a tried-and-true routine, or the tasks which filled our 9 to 5. The world of work, according to a recent study, has more value than just a paycheck, and for retirees, that value may translate into heightened brain power and less depression.