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Paul Buyer was extremely frustrated. A music professor and Director of Percussion at South Carolina’s Clemson University, Dr. Buyer felt rehearsals weren’t going well. Students were arriving late and they weren’t practicing. Then, after an especially less-than-stellar concert, a student commented...
How many times have you thought, I’ll just sleep on it, before making a big decision? This matter-of-fact strategy is employed by many, if not most people, who believe the long-term conventional wisdom that a well-rested mind is one better able to make confidence-boosting, large decisions. Putting that assumption to the test is a group of Harvard Business School researchers, with surprising results.
One distinctive symptom of depression is a feeling of helplessness and despair. Many people who suffer from depression report feeling a lack of control over their symptoms or the situation that they believe is causing their depression. If left untreated, these feelings of lack of control can become worse, and may lead to other symptoms, such as suicidal thoughts. Learn more about how depression can overtake your sense of control as well as what you can do about it.