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You blew the job interview. Blame it on lack of sleep. The night before you indulged in a Grande Caffé Latte, and the caffeine kicked in just as you were settling down to sleep. You arrived at the interview in a fog and stumbled through the questions. With a good night’s sleep, you would have ... more
As the Baby Boomer population ages up, more and more individuals are living longer than ever before. The percentage of older Americans may be increasing but along with it, so are the national rates of elder abuse, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A particularly heinous crime, the exploitation, neglect or physical assault of older individuals truly hits home. When reading about these crimes, you can’t help but visualize your own mom or dad, teacher, grandparent or mentor and remember the care they provided others when they were young and strong. Ironically, the abuse of these now-fragile, vulnerable individuals is often at the hand of a family member, friend or “trusted caregiver” and never is reported on at all.
All parents have high hopes for their children. Moms and dads want their kids to be happy, do well in school and have amazing futures. High expectations from parents can be motivating, helping kids achieve educationally, and understandably, many would assume this is a no-brainer. A study recently reported by the American Psychological Association makes clear, however, that this scenario does not always play out.