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Eating and emotions go hand-in-hand for many who are trying to drop a few pounds and also, for people who find themselves losing weight unintentionally. Many people report eating when they’re anxious, sad, depressed, lonely or worried. In fact, a new, online poll of psychologists, affiliated with the American Psychological Association, strongly indicates that emotions are a significant obstacle to weight loss, for some people.
One-fifth of U.S. teens are affected, at some point in their lives, by a mental disorder, according to a National Institute of Mental Health survey. Over the past decade, the rate at which health care providers prescribe controlled substances, including anxiolytic (anti-stress) and sleep medications, for adolescent patients has increased. Along with this uptick in ... more
Depression affects approximately 1 in 4 pregnant women, and its effects may be harmful to both mother and her developing baby. Some women choose not to be treated, because of potential effects of medication on the baby. However, leaving depression untreated can be just as harmful, if not moreso. If you feel like you are suffering from depression while pregnant, see your doctor for treatment options.