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Relationships can be stressful. When you are in a relationship with a person who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it can be overwhelming. During manic times you are always conscious of risks associated with dare-devil behavior; during depressive times, you may feel left out as your mate or child retreats into their own little cocoon of misery and loneliness. Implusive behavior can make socializing extremely difficult, and poor judgement can cause a spouse to lose their job, which adds an extra burden to a family already coping with so much. Bipolar disorder can, quite literally, break a relationship without help and support.
Interacting with a schizophrenic can sometimes be difficult if he or she is having trouble paying attention or understanding. The key to communicating is staying calm. Listen actively just as you would any other person - remember just because someone suffers from schizophrenia, they are still human and should be treated as any other person. Here are ten things you should avoid saying to someone who has schizophrenia.
A diagnosis of schizophrenia can be terrifying, particularly if the person you’re concerned about is your own child. A brain disorder known to affect around one percent of all Americans, schizophrenia is a chronic, debilitating disorder that as yet, has no cure. Much about schizophrenia is unknown, but scientific research into its cause and treatment remain ongoing. Many current treatments exist which are able to significantly diminish symptoms and support those afflicted to create and maintain happy lives. Find out how to recognize symptoms in this article
Americans are obsessed about getting a good night's sleep – and they should be, explain physicians. Sleep recharges the body, mind and spirit, and is vital to maintaining good health, good spirits and a happy and productive work and family life. Unfortunately, many Americans do not get anywhere near the number of hours let alone solid hours of sleep they need. Many suffer from one or more sleep disorders, or, as doctors now more properly call them “sleep-wake” disorders.
Football is a national pastime and obsession. Many kids dream of playing in college and joining the NFL when they are old enough to play professionally. Chris Borland made a choice: Play the game he loved and risk brain injury and incapacitation, or play on, make oodles of money and see how it went. He assessed the risks and found that he wasn't willing to take chances on injuring his brain. So he passed on football to go into private life and pursue other interests. Some saw this as inconceivable but his parents, retired players and friends applauded him for being mature enough to make the decision that was right for him, however unpopular that decision may be to others.