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Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is defined as a person’s inability to maintain a healthy relationship with food, causing massive shifts in eating patterns, such as excessive overeating or conversely, barely eating at all. It typically also involves self-image issues, where a person may be overly concerned...

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The alarm clock rings, a mad dash to the bathroom ensues, and after a hurried and mandatory tooth brushing, out comes the scale. Not even a sip of water is allowed to pass down the throat because even a tiny drop might up the number and ruin everything. Stripped down to skivvies, armies of young women weigh themselves, first thing every morning. This hardly-innocuous ritual, as reliable as the alarm clock, will set the tone for the entire day, sometimes for better but often, for worse.
With "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hitting theaters this weekend, its stars have been on the interview circuit spilling gossip about the movie and abut themselves. In recent interviews, actors Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill both admit to having felt pressured to lose weight for the movie. However, losing weight for other people is one of the keys to failing at your diet and exercise plan. Here is how you can be motivated by the right reasons.
Intervention programs are designed to force someone to recognize self-destructive, damaging behaviors while surrounded by supportive loved ones, including friends and family. Many intervention programs are focused on stopping addictive behaviors such as drug or alcohol addiction or eating disorders...
Starting a new diet plan is never easy, and one of the most tricky aspects are the inevitable food cravings. We crave food for a variety of reasons. Whether we are snacking out of boredom or anxiety or we simply don't eat a balanced diet, combating the cravings is essential for diet success. Here is how you can control your cravings.