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Abuse and Neglect

Abuse can take many forms – neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and psychological abuse. Often, the victims are innocent children, but certainly include women and men. With 3 million reports of child abuse made every year in the United States involving 6 million children, the U.S. has the...

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As the Baby Boomer population ages up, more and more individuals are living longer than ever before. The percentage of older Americans may be increasing but along with it, so are the national rates of elder abuse, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A particularly heinous crime, the exploitation, neglect or physical assault of older individuals truly hits home. When reading about these crimes, you can’t help but visualize your own mom or dad, teacher, grandparent or mentor and remember the care they provided others when they were young and strong. Ironically, the abuse of these now-fragile, vulnerable individuals is often at the hand of a family member, friend or “trusted caregiver” and never is reported on at all.
Courage By Michael H. LeBlond, PhD, MBA Licensed Psychologist How often have you heard “just feel the fear and do it anyway.” This actually is not far from the definition of courage. What courage is not is the absence of fear. When most people think of courage they think of it in one dimension as...
Say you are in your 20s or 30s or 40s, and feeling depressed and hopeless. Perhaps you feel your situation is so bleak and hopeless that you are considering suicide. Now imagine yourself in your 80s. Looking back, how would your 80-year-old self tell your life story? Perhaps you have a pet that you...
Autism is clearly a disorder that affects the functioning of the child with the diagnosis. It also profoundly affects the entire family -- parents, siblings, and the extended family. Recognizing and coping with these effects is an important process for family members not only to care effectively...