10 of the Hottest Fitness Apps of 2015

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way people track progress towards fitness and weight loss goals. Increasingly sophisticated apps act as personal trainers, one users may clip to their clothes or carry in their pockets.  Many include a social component, allowing users to connect, encourage and compete with friends. Here is a roundup of the more popular fitness apps going into 2015.

Digifit iCardio

iCardio tracks indoor and outdoor training for running, cycling and other cardio activities. The app records duration, distance, speed, splits and laps. What makes this app unique is its Bluetooth capability that allows users to add a heart monitor to access real time heart rate readings. iCardio integrates with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Withings. The app is available in iOs and Android. The basic app is free.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Like most sports trackers, Endomondo records stats for walkers, runners and cyclists, but it also tracks activities such as golfing and kayaking. Users set goals and the app gives real-time audio feedback on progress. Members may compete with and motivate other users through the app’s sharing function.  Endomondo stores data, which allowing users to access their exercise history. The app is free and available for iOs and Android.


The Fitbit app automatically syncs with Fitbit tracking devices to record steps, distance, and calories burned throughout the day. With the exception of the Fitbit Zip, the devices also monitor sleep. Users may set weight loss goals and log meals. The app calculates the remaining number of calories a user may consume each day to remain on track with goals. The app is free with tracking device purchase and is available for iOs, Android and Windows.

Microsoft Health

This companion app to the Microsoft Band fitness tracker uses cloud storage to combine data from multiple devices. Microsoft Heath tracks steps, heart rate, calorie burn and sleep quality. It provides summary reports in easy-to-read line and bar graphs. It’s Intelligence Engine analyzes data to recommend recovery time and determine which exercises during a workout burned the most calories. Microsoft Health is a free download available for Windows, iOs and Android.


This app combines fitness tracking with gaming. Users earn points and unlock acheivement levels to compete with themselves and other members of the Fitocracy social network.  The app includes workout routines and tracks cardio, weight training, weight loss and bodybuilding. The basic app is free. For a premium, users may work with a professional coach. Fitocracy is available for iOs and Android.

GAIN fitness

Rather than merely tracking exercises, this app coaches users through their workout routines.  The free app comes with exercises to work the entire body; users may purchase additional training packs such as Butterfly Yoga or Basketball Pro. Users customize workouts based on goals, fitness level, and time constraints. Gain fitness is available for iOs.

JEFIT Workout

This is the app of choice for bodybuilding. JEFIT offers a workout routine planner, progress tracking, lifting logs, body stat logs and a database of more than 500 exercises. Exercise details include animations to teach users proper form. The app is free and available for iOs and Android.


This activity-tracking app knows the difference between walking, running and cycling and presents users with a daily timeline of their activities. It measures distance, duration, steps and calories burned (note: currently, only the iOs versions have the calorie function). The app is free and available for iOs and Android.

 My Fitness Pal

This perennial favorite allows users to set goals, log meals, track exercise, and connect with others through the My Fitness Pal community forums and Facebook. The app has a large database of foods, and members may add their favorites. Users may track standard exercises and include other physical activities in their daily log such as housework or raking leaves. The app is free and available for iOs, Blackberry, Windows and Android.

Map My Fitness

Walkers, runners and cyclists can track distance, duration and elevation of their path using their smartphone’s GPS. Travelers to a strange city can access millions of preinstalled routes Close to home, Map My Fitness allows users to create and store a route through their own neighborhood. Users may also log meals to keep on top of nutrition and connect with others via Facebook. Map My Fitness is free and available for iOs, Android and Blackberry.

Tools for Transformation

Fitness begins with the mind. Use the tools below to help achieve your weight loss goals 



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